Our Reservation Dinners allow us to select a menu using food that is “in-season” and locally available. We live in one of the most fertile and best states for a variety of meats, seafood, dairy and produce, why would we want to use products that aren’t fresh to the table?

What is a “Reservation Dinner?”

Many people have not yet experienced one of our favorite events… our dinners! A Reservation Dinner is just that, a family-style dinner, that you, the customer, reserves a spot to come and eat with us! We tell you what the menu will feature and you leave the rest to us. Just reserve your spot and make it in time. Then we provide you with a fanciful feast where everything is included from your beverage* and appetizers all the way to dessert! We keep the prices affordable and the food plentiful!

*Please note, Shedd Cafe is a non-alcoholic establishment, beverages offered include: soda, juice, tea and coffee.

Want to stay informed about our upcoming dinners?

We will notify you of any upcoming dinners or special

events at the Shedd Café.

When Is Our Next Reservation Dinner?

Upcoming Reservation Dinner:

Saturday, May 12th

Parchment Baked Wild Caught Salmon
$19.95 / person, all inclusive from appetizers to desserts!
1st Seating @ 5:15pm
2nd Seating @ 7:15pm